colorful banner showing an icon that represents the theme to Widen the Circle of Impact

Widen the Circle of Impact

We will make our mark and widen our impact locally, regionally, nationally and globally by becoming a partner of choice and extending an invitation to students, faculty and staff from near and far to become part of our vision and our work.

St. Thomas has been on a trajectory of innovation and growth and is now positioned to attract a wider community of students, faculty and staff who will expand our ability to positively impact the world. We have momentum, and our increased visibility locally and nationally fuels a unique opportunity to grow in prominence as a leading Catholic university that is making positive and transformational impacts.

We will broaden our reach both by intentionally reaching a national audience and by connecting more deeply into our communities. We will take intentional steps to be, as our founder John Ireland promised, a university not only in the community but of the community. To be a partner of choice to local businesses and other organizations, we will work to deeply understand what partners need from us and respond with relevant offerings and engagement. Strong St. Thomas connections locally, nationally and globally will give our graduates a distinct advantage throughout their career and life.

Through strategic education partnerships and study-abroad opportunities across the world, we will expand our global reach and open international opportunities for students, faculty and staff. We will welcome international students and faculty and flourish from their participation in our community.