colorful banner showing an icon that represents the theme to Build Belonging and Promote Equity

Build Belonging and Promote Equity

We will become a university characterized by radical hospitality and a shared sense of belonging where all are welcomed as we work to achieve social justice and dismantle inequities of all forms.

The world faces serious challenges and inequities of all types: educational, economic, environmental, health and social. We are called to help create lasting change that upholds human dignity, achieves equity and justice, and advances the common good. 

Within our community, we will improve student recruitment and university-wide hiring practices to diversify our community and better reflect the demographics of our society and world. As we become a more diverse campus, we will continue our work to dismantle inequities and create a culture of belonging by cultivating and practicing inclusion for all who learn, live and work in our community. 

Beyond our campuses, we will leverage our resources and expertise to partner with government, businesses, nonprofits and community members to help create a future where social justice and equity prevail in our larger world.