Students walk past a "University of St. Thomas" monumental sign.

Our Campuses

At St. Thomas, students have the opportunity to live and learn on three campuses: St. Paul, Minneapolis and Rome (Bernardi). Our two main campuses are located in the heart of the Twin Cities.

Each campus has a different vibe, but overall, as a Tommie you get the classic college campus experience with the comfort of it being in a small neighborhood. Take our main campus located in St. Paul. It's nestled between the Merriam Park and Macalester Groveland neighborhoods, both of which are known for being safe, active and also not too far from two large cities. St. Thomas' main campus lies on Summit Avenue, the longest avenue of Victorian homes in the country. 

Living and studying in an urban environment such as downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul allows you to build professional connections and gain potential job opportunities at large corporations and local businesses. You also get to indulge in each city's art, food and entertainment scenes. 


Fun fact:

The stone, Mankato stone, that was used to build our St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses was mined in the Minnesota River Valley.

Terrence Murphy Hall in Minneapolis. An aerial view of the Minneapolis skyline. A student boards the St. Thomas shuttle bus.


Urban Campus

This campus is in the epicenter of downtown Minneapolis and it is home to our Opus College of Business, School of Law, School of Education and the Dougherty Family College.


Proximity to Employers

This campus puts our students at an advantage, due to the close proximity to large corporations and businesses of all sizes. Students working downtown or those interested in internships and networking can easily do so and still make it to class on time.


Convenient Commute

Depending on where you live, you can opt to take public transportation or the campus shuttle. And, you don't have to brave the cold or sweat it out on the streets. You can navigate most of the downtown area buildings through the system of skyways without stepping a foot outside.
The exterior of the St. Thomas Bernardi campus in Rome including the nameplate which says "Bernardi Campus."

Addio Minnesota, Ciao Roma

Bernardi Campus

Located in the Prati neighborhood, our Bernardi campus in Rome, Italy provides ‌housing to St. Thomas students and others participating in academic and summer programs.

Freshman have the chance to take Theology 101 in Bernardi, something that is unique to our course programming. Students can also participate in the Rome Empower Program and learn more about Catholicism through Catholic Studies courses.

You can call Bernardi campus a Tommie home away from home because you get the same close-knit feel and experience here that you'd get in St. Paul or Minneapolis. 

When you aren't studying, you have the chance to travel throughout Rome and Vatican City.