colorful banner showing an icon that represents the theme to Ensure Access, Achievement, and Outcomes for All

Ensure Access, Achievement and Outcomes for All

We will broaden access to a St. Thomas education, ensure all students have equal opportunities to take advantage of the full St. Thomas experience and the academic excellence we provide, and connect all students to career opportunities that leverage our powerful Tommie network.

By removing financial and transfer barriers to attending and succeeding at St. Thomas, we will increase access to the lifelong, whole-person St. Thomas education for more people. And for every student who comes through our Arches, we will ensure that we provide equitable opportunities to engage in the holistic St. Thomas experience so all students are set up for success.

We will continue to optimize our students’ learning, retention and time to graduation through personal attention and equitable immersion in high-impact practices. We will provide opportunities for all students to be fully involved and to feel welcomed in the St. Thomas community, including students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, veterans, first-generation students, students with disabilities and students from all faith traditions. Through co-curricular learning opportunities students will engage in deep self-exploration of their faith and values, make meaningful connections within and outside of our St. Thomas community, communicate effectively across diverse perspectives, learn strategies and develop habits for holistic well-being, and develop as leaders and citizens who make positive contributions to their communities. We will continue to meet the spiritual, physical and mental health needs of our students by providing compassionate care, expertise and resources.