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Block Meal Plans

Our block plans include a set number of meals, or swipes, ranging from 30 to 150 meals per semester. Each time you visit Northsider, The View or Cornerstone Kitchen, you'll use one meal swipe from your plan. You have the entire semester to use your meal plan.

Meal swipes are only for use by the student. All meal plans, except the Block 70, include guest meals, which can be used by friends, family, or the student themselves at any time throughout the semester.

Each plan, except the Early Move-In meal plan, also comes with dining dollars that can be used to purchase food or beverages in any on-campus dining venue, including our retail locations, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

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Meal Plan Prices


Meal plans are available to all students. Fall 2024 semester meal plans start with breakfast (7:00 am) on Monday, August 26, 2024, and will end after lunch (2:00 pm) on Friday, December 20, 2024.

UNLIMITED $2,670.00 $100.00 2
BLOCK 150 $2,352.00 10 $250.00 6
BLOCK 135 $2,375.00 9 $400.00 6
BLOCK 60 $1,329.00 4 $400.00 8
BLOCK 70 $1,093.00 5 $150.00 0
BLOCK 30 $742.00 2 $300.00 2

Residential students (those living on campus) must order their meal plan through the Housing Portal on Murphy Online. *Residential students may have meal plan requirements depending on their year and where they are living. If residential students have questions, they should contact Residence Life.

Commuter/off-campus students may purchase any meal plan. If commuter students want a meal plan, they must purchase one each semester, they do not carry over from Fall to Spring semesters like residential meal plans. Commuter meal plans go on sale two weeks before the fall semester starts. For Fall 2024, commuter meal plans go on sale starting Monday, August 19th. Spring Commuter meal plans go on sale the first day of Spring semester, Monday, February 5th.

Commuter students order their meal plan through When students log into CardCenter, their username is their St. Thomas email address without the "" Their password is the same password they use for their St. Thomas email and Murphy Online.

Change or Cancel Meal Plan

All students, commuter and residential, have until 4:00 pm on the second Friday of each semester (Friday, September 13th) to change or cancel their meal plan. Residential students must make those changes through the Housing Portal on Murphy Online. They should check with Residence Life if they have any questions on their options.

Commuter students wanting to change or cancel their meal plan must send an email to the Card Office. The email must include their first and last name, ID number, their current meal plan and the meal plan they want to change to - or state they would like to cancel their meal plan.

2023 Add-On Block 20 Meal Plan

If a student is running out of meals before the end of the semester, they can purchase additional meals in blocks of 20. The Add-on Block 20 is not a stand-alone meal plan. It can only be purchased if you have already purchased a regular block meal plan. The Add-On Block 20 meal plan can be purchased starting on the first day of classes. To purchase the Add-on Block 20, you must fill out and submit the Add-On Block form.

BLOCK 20 $248.00 20 $0

2023 Early Move-in Meal Plan

The Early Move-In meal plan is for any student who would like a meal plan to use before fall semester meal plans begin on Monday, August 19th. The Early Move-In meal plan starts at breakfast on Monday, August 19th, and ends after dinner on Sunday, August 25th. Purchase Early Move-In meal plan.

BLOCK 10 $111.00 10 $0

Guest meals are not available with Early Move-In meal plans. Students can pay for guests with eXpress or a debit or credit card or the guest can pay with a debit/credit card.

2024 J-Term

J-Term meal plans are separate from fall and spring semester meal plans. Students may choose any plan that fits their needs for J-Term. Both residential and commuter students can purchase J-Term meal plans starting Monday, December 9th, 2024. J-Term meal plans start at breakfast on Thursday, January 2nd, 2025, and end at 2:00pm on Saturday, February 1st, 2025. Students purchase J-Term meal plans through CardCenter.



BLOCK 40 $550.00 $45.00
BLOCK 30 $440.00 $45.00
BLOCK 20 $337.00 $70.00

Guest meals are not available with J-Term meal plans. Students can pay for guests with dining dollars, eXpress, or a debit/credit card or the visitor can pay for themselves with a debit/credit card.