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About Health Promotion, Resilience and Violence Prevention

About Us

Through collaboration and education, Health Promotion, Resilience, & Violence Prevention supports students in healthy decision-making to foster individual and community well-being and thrive at the University of St. Thomas.

Health Promotion, Resilience, & Violence Prevention uses evidence-based and best practices to address alcohol and other drugs, mental health and resiliency education, physical wellness (nutrition, sleep, and disease prevention), and violence prevention for our undergraduate and graduate students.

We provide opportunities for students to improve their health and well-being through four modes of change:

  1. EDUCATION — Promote the development of effective lifelong healthy behaviors through student education, awareness, programming, and marketing strategies.
  2. PREVENTION — Provide evidence-based prevention strategies to mitigate impediments to student success (e.g., flu shots, bystander training, sleep screening, etc.)
  3. INTERVENTION — Deliver coordinated, affordable, and accessible student health and mental health intervention and referral services (e.g., yoga for well-being, wellness coaching, sleep management, etc.)
  4. MIND-BODY SPACE — A dedicated space for students that encourages relaxation, meditation & contemplation to foster the connection between the mind and body.

Contact Health Promotion, Resilience and Violence Prevention

35 Finn Street South
St. Paul, MN 55105

Student Interest Survey

The Center for Well-Being would like to know what kind of Educational Workshops and Experiential Classes you would be interested in to help you thrive and be your best self at the University of St. Thomas.

Health Promotion Programs

Health Promotion offers many different programs throughout the academic year. Some of our favorites are the Homecoming 5K Run/Walk, Sleep Challenge, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and various educational workshops.

Violence Prevention & Awareness

Violence Prevention & Awareness programs are focused on decreasing the number of people who experience power-based personal violence in our community and empowering St. Thomas to play an active role in violence prevention.