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Center for the Common Good

In all we do, we seek to advance the common good.

At the Center for the Common Good, we connect University of St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff with community engagement opportunities so we can understand today’s most pressing social challenges, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and work toward innovative solutions-all for the common good.

When we put our efforts together, we gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, create stronger communities, and become inspired to take action.

Partner with Us

We partner with nonprofits, schools, and government initiatives to create mutually-beneficial opportunities in the community.

Academic Year Stats

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Tommies received the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Featured Initiatives

Stthomas Students in U.S./Mexico Border in a VISION Trip


VISION works to effect positive social change in St. Thomas, national, and global communities. We believe this change can happen when there is an opportunity for a relationship between these communities.
Learn more about VISION
Tommies Vote Student holding sticker

Civic Engagement, Voter Education and Advocacy

As members of the Civic Engagement, Voter Education and Advocacy (CEVEA) task force, voter education, voter registration and getting out to vote continues to be a cornerstone of our work.
Learn more about Civic Engagement
World Hunger Graphic Over Produce

Under-told Stories Project

The Under-told Stories Project uses high-quality video storytelling to help students understand and engage with the pressing global issues of our time, to “make the foreign less foreign.”
Learn more about Under-told Stories Project

Additional Initiatives

Tommie Shelf

Tommie Shelf addresses food insecurity on our campus and in our community through partnerships with the Center for the Common Good, the Dean of Students Office, and key community partners Keystone Community Services, Good in the ‘Hood, and Second Harvest Heartland.

One University—One Breath

This collaboration with the Project for Mindfulness & Contemplation (PMC) aims to deepen awareness of ourselves and our community so we’re better prepared to cultivate a more just and compassionate society.

About the Center for the Common Good

We believe learning is a catalyst for personal and social transformation. When we work collaboratively with community partners to understand today’s greatest challenges, we become more deeply informed on how to make a positive social change and advance the common good.