Single User Restroom Locations

Publicly-accessible Single User Restrooms

This list strives to be comprehensive but will be modified from time to time as new information becomes available. If you are aware of a single-user restroom that is not on this list, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at so the list can be updated.
Building Location



Anderson Student Center RR121

Aquinas Hall


Brady Education Center

116, 117, 118, 119

Center for Well-Being

1st floor: RR104, RR107, RR146, RR148

2nd floor: RR216, RR240, RR241

Facilities Design Center


Iverson Center for Faith


Koch Commons

2 (Outside Residence Life Office)

McCarthy Gym


Opus Hall (MPLS Campus) RR216

O’Shaughnessy Library

419, 420, LL07, LL08

Schoenecker Center
  • Lower Level: LLRR01, LLRR02, LLRR03, LLRR04, LLRR05, LLRR06, LLRR07
  • 1st Floor: 1RR01, 1RR02, 1RR03,1RR04, 1RR05, 1RR06
  • 2nd Floor: 2RR01, 2RR02, 2RR03, 2RR04, 2RR05, 2RR06
  • 3rd Floor: 3RR01, 3RR02, 3RR03,3RR04, 3RR05, 3RR06
  • 4th Floor: 4RR01, 4RR02, 4RR03,4RR04, 4RR05, 4RR06

School of Law (Minneapolis Campus)

LL12, LL13

Schulz Hall (MPLS Campus) RR216
Sitzman Hall

101, 202, 308, LL04

Summit Classroom Building

1st floor: 1RR01, 1RR02, 1RR03, 1RR04, 1RR05, 1RR06
2nd floor: 2RR01, 2RR02, 2RR03, 2RR04
3rd floor: 3RR01, 3RR02, 3RR03, 3RR04

Terrence Murphy Hall (Minneapolis Campus) RR250
Tommie North Residence Hall 1RR-03

Additional Single User Restrooms

In addition to the publicly accessible single-user restrooms listed above, St. Thomas residents and community members have access to certain additional single-user restrooms depending on their permitted access to specific buildings. The following table identifies these single-user restrooms on campus that are available to those community members by building and number of available restrooms.

Building Number of Restrooms
Brady Hall 9
Dowling Hall 18
Flynn Hall 2
Grace Hall 2
Ireland Hall 3
Koch Commons 2
Morrison Hall 7
Tommie East Hall 26
Tommie North Hall 28