Diaper Changing Stations and Lactation Rooms

This page provides information for parents on campus including diaper changing stations and lacation rooms for nursing, pumping, and feeding infants.

This list strives to be comprehensive but will be modified from time to time as new information becomes available. If you are aware of a diaper changing station or lactation room that is not on this list, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at title-ix@stthomas.edu so the list can be updated.

Diaper Changing Stations

  • Anderson Student Center (ASC) - There are convenient diaper-changing stations in the Anderson Student Center. They are located in both the women's and men's restrooms on the first and third floors of the building. The family room located on the second floor of Anderson Student Center is another option available by request through Tommie Central.
  • Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex (AARC) 137 - Large lockable single-gender restroom with diaper changing station.
  • School of Law (MSL) Minneapolis Campus - Lower Level Women's Restroom

St. Paul Campus Lactation Rooms

Building and Room Access Notes Room Includes
Anderson Student Center (ASC) 252 Family Room Request access at the Tommie Central desk on the first floor. The Family Room is equipped with a comfortable chair, side table, fold-down diaper-changing table, and small refrigerator.
Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex (AARC) 137 None Large lockable single-user restroom with a chair, bench, fold-down diaper-changing table, sink, and toilet.
Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC) 217A None Second Floor Restroom, near classroom 211, has a separate lactation room with a lockable door and chair.
Brady Educational Center (BEC) 109B and 112A Card swipe access, request code to unlock the door from the Music Department. Each private room has a chair and counter/table.
Center for Well-Being (CWB) 131- Lactation Room Check-in with the front desk. Equipped with a comfortable chair, sink, microwave, and small refrigerator.
Summit Classroom Building (SCB) 113 None Comfort Room with lockable, private room with a chair, side table, sink, and refrigerator.

Minneapolis Campus Lactation Rooms

Building and Room Access Notes Room Includes
School of Law (MSL) Lower Level Restroom None The back room of the women’s restroom is equipped with a comfortable chair, cabinet or side table, fold-down diaper-changing table, and a small refrigerator.
Schulze Hall (SCH) 426 Private room within Suite 425 Executive and Health Care MBA Student Lounge. Suite 425 requires card access. Room has chairs and a small table.
Terrence Murphy Hall (TMH) 100A The key is available at the front desk, typically from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Outside of those hours, the key can be obtained from Public Safety.
Terrence Murphy Hall (TMH) 153E Reservations recommended. Email execed@stthomas.edu to make a reservation. Drop-ins are welcome but space is subject to availability.