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Schoenecker Center

Liberal Arts Brought to Life

The Schoenecker Center is the university's central home for STEAM education at St. Thomas. We believe it is a national model for bolder, more interdisciplinary learning.

At St. Thomas, we prepare tomorrow's leaders to work with people from other fields and disciplines. The Schoenecker Center fuels innovation and provides a home for powerful training in these critical skills for our students.

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(hint: it's critical to your future)

What is STEAM education?

STEAM education describes the exciting connections among science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Employers tell us they are looking for graduates who can collaborate across these disciplines and solve problems with creative solutions. The Schoenecker Center fuels this kind of learning at St. Thomas.

Consider this -- many of the jobs our graduates will seek over the next 20 years don't exist today. That is one reason why St. Thomas puts an emphasis on experiential learning and interdisciplinary experiences, to help students learn to be nimble and flexible as they seek jobs in the future.

A Look Inside

Take a tour of the Schoenecker Center and learn more about the new spaces and unique learning opportunities.

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instrumental rehearsal room high bay art gallery emerging media newsroom and classroom choir room chemistry lab

Instrumental Rehearsal Hall

The two-level instrumental rehearsal space is uniquely designed to be viewed from inside the building up above on the main level and outside from Summit Avenue through large windows. Instrument storage is located right outside the room!

High Bay

The new high bay is where big things get bent, broken and made. With open access to the atrium, this space is a working laboratory for engineers to hone their craft and for all to view and learn from this exciting work.

Art Gallery

The new art gallery will feature rotating displays highlighting works by artists from the United States.

Emerging Media Newsroom

The emerging media newsroom and 21st-century classrooms will be visible from multiple floors and provide the space needed for future journalists.

Choral Performance and Rehearsal Space

The choral performance space will serve student musicians for practices and performances. The flexible design will allow students and community partners to repurpose the space for things like robotics team presentations and guest speakers.

Labs and Classrooms

Lab space and open classrooms will support growth in the sciences and help students integrate their work across disciplines.
guy and barbara schoenecker

Meet the Donors

Guy and Barbara Schoenecker are well-known names at St. Thomas. Their family's philanthropic impact on campus led to the establishment of many scholarships and supported construction of important and transformative spaces on campus, including the new Schoenecker Center. This latest gift is truly befitting of an entrepreneur who felt the best ideas came from working collaboratively with a diverse group of people.

Learn more about the Schoeneckers