Cancellation Process

Cancellation Policy and Refunds​
If you wish to cancel your campus housing, you must do so through the Housing Portal located in Murphy Online. All cancellations are subject to the cancellation policy in the Student Residence Agreement and University Undergraduate Refund Schedule.​

Students who cancel their housing and meal plans during the academic year may be issued a refund in the form of an adjusted credit to their student account in accordance with the University Undergraduate Refund Schedule. Should the application of the adjusted credit result in an overall credit balance on your student account, in the absence of a "keep credit" hold, the University of St. Thomas will issue an electronic refund (eRefund) to the checking or savings account designated in your eRefund profile.​

Cancellation Fees​
Incoming (new first-time, first-year or transfer) students who cancel their housing after the first Friday of class for any term are billed a $500 cancellation fee to their student account.​

Returning students involved in a campus housing selection process for the following year may cancel their housing request for the following year without any fees until April 15. Returning students who are assigned housing for the following year and cancel their housing at any time after April 15 are billed a $500 cancellation fee to their student account.​

Cancellation Fee Exceptions/Appeals:​
You may request an exception to cancellation fees that otherwise would apply provided that you are 1) going on a study abroad program, 2) graduating from St. Thomas before the end of the spring semester, 3) withdrawing/transferring from St. Thomas before the end of the spring semester, 4) entering military service, 5) student teaching outside of the local area,  6) getting married, or 7) extenuating circumstances, including major financial changes or medical/mental health concerns.  All requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the Department of Residence Life, which will review the request and make a determination whether to approve the exception. Documentation may be required for any/all requests.​

More information about cancellations may be found in the Student Residence Agreement.​

Tuition Refund Plan - GradGuard​
We recommend all students consider adding coverage for their room and board costs as a part of the Tuition Refund Plan. Room and Board costs are refunded as defined by the University Undergraduate Refund Schedule. Find out more about GradGuard, what the plan protects, and the refund schedule