Pathways to Engineering (P2E) Living Learning Community

The Pathways to Engineering (P2E) living learning community is specifically designed to foster a community among first-year students who are interested in the field of engineering. In addition to taking the Intro to Engineering Design course together in the fall, P2E students will live in Brady hall, have access to tutoring, and one-on-one advising from a P2E faculty. P2E students will also have the opportunity to connect and grow as a community in multiple fun activities and outings planned by faculty and living learning staff throughout the first semester.

Course ENGR 100 AND
ENGR 160 (Civil) or ENGR 170 (Mechanical) or ENGR 175 (Electrical and Computer)
Faculty Tiffany Ling;
Deb Besser
Kundan Nepal
First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses Natural Science
Social Scientific Analysis
Academic Major/Minor All Engineering Majors: Mechanical, Computer, Electrical and Civil