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Helping Professions Living Learning Community​

So, you want to help people? Have you always pictured yourself working to make a difference with people who most need it?  Maybe you know exactly how you would do that (as a Teacher? Counselor? Social worker? Advocate? Coach? Therapist? Doctor? Police Officer?), maybe you don’t know- yet- but you are sure that making a difference is an important part of your future profession. If this sounds like you, join us this fall for a unique learning opportunity.  You’ll live in Murray Hall and learn in a community of helpers, changemakers, and advocates and explore the many ways you could use your St. Thomas degree to help people and make a positive impact in people’s lives and communities.  You will become a part of a tradition of helping profession students that soar to new changemaking heights. 

Check out this article to learn about past Helping Professions changemaking opportunities:

This LLC is limited to 24 students.

Courses SOCI 100
Faculty Patricia Maddox;
First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses Social Analysis
Academic Major/Minor Social Work Major
Sociology Major
Education Majors
Criminal Justice Major