Students participating in an LLC event

Emerging Scholars for Justice Living Learning Community​

The Emerging Scholars for Justice living learning community is in Dowling Hall and for students who seek to become engaged leaders in social justice. This LLC brings together students who are interested in creating more equity, promoting diversity and building power in their communities for social change. Building on foundations in theology, literature and history, students will explore their identity and culture in its deep contexts. Doing so will prepare them for socially engaged scholarship and leadership that will improve their communities and contribute to the common good, regardless of their chosen major or field.

This LLC will create a community together and can choose to take one or both of the LLC courses offered. Students will be exposed to experiences through community and civic engagement, leadership development and pathways to several scholarly leadership programs including the Common Good Scholar Program and the Excel! Research Scholar Program.

What Emerging Scholars for Justice LLC students said about their experience:

"My LLC community justice, community engagement, and the common good. We value each if these in our own individual ways, yet we all work together to perpetuate these ideals. In participating in one of these, we strengthen all of them."

"The value of my LLC is really focused on the common good in relation to Social Justice. The values are diversity, open mindfulness, and helping the community."

**First-Year students who are Dease Scholars or Ciresi Walburn Leadership Fellows are required to participate in this LLC.**

Hall Location Dowling Hall

ENGL 202 / HIST292 Reading Black Resistance

THEO 100: Foundations: Common Good


David Williard;

Todd Lawrence;

Daniel Pioske;

First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses

Philosophy & Theology

Integration in the Humanities

Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice

Academic Major/Minor




Justice and Peace Studies

LLC Capacity This LLC is limited to 48 students

Sample LLC Events

While LLC events vary from year to year, here are some examples of recent LLC events. LLC students are expected to attend at least 4 events or activities over the course of their fall semester to meet their learning community requirement.

  • Monthly Emerging Scholars for Justice LLC Lunches
  • Guthrie Theater Trip to see Sally & Tom
  • Catered LLC Dinners by Owamni and Curry in a Hurry
  • The "Late" W.E.B. Du Bois and the Practice of Mutual Comradeship Speaker
  • LLC Welcome Event in the create[space]
  • End of Semester Dinner made by LLC faculty