Duc In Autumn Group Meeting

Formation and Faith Growth

Campus Ministry offers two programs to expand students understanding of the Catholic Intellectual, Spiritual and Social Tradition. Agape and Shake it Up!

Agape is an intentional experience of Christian community. Inspired by the deep meaning of Agape, this is a monthly faith community program with formation, fellowship and prayer that is rooted in Catholic teaching and offers St. Thomas students an opportunity to explore their Catholic faith more deeply and apply it to their own lives. Drawing from the rich intellectual, spiritual, and social traditions of the Church, the students appropriate for themselves the treasure of their faith and are enriched by a caring intentional community.

Shake it up! This monthly gathering over shakes, offers students the opportunity to gather and reflect on issues of social justice and learn about the social tradition of the Church. The invitation is to expand the commitment of the faith, shaking assumptions and moving the heart to understand more deeply the experience of those more vulnerable and the ways in which we all can respond and advocate for the dignity of all human persons.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Marta Pereira.

Join Us!

For dates and more information check Tommie Link.

Sample Themes

  • The Catholic Approach to Scripture
  • The Vocation of the Student
  • Science and Religion
  • Laudato Si and Ecological Conversion
  • Catholicism and Literature
  • Mental Prayer and Lectio Divina
  • Philosophy and Faith
  • Theology of Beauty and Creativity

Student Testimonial

“For me, these programs were a place where I could not only go for amazing fellowship and discussion but also active and deeper intellectual and spiritual formation. Walking away from every meeting, I always have plenty of things to bring to both thought and prayer.”

—Ricky Pipala ’23

Small Votive Candle Burning

“…one needs to open one’s heart to the abundance of grace and to allow the word of the Redeemer to act with all its power: ‘Duc in altum!’ Whoever opens his heart to Christ will not only understand the mystery of his own existence, but also that of his own calling; he will bear the abundant fruit of grace.”

John Paul II, Novo Millennia Ineunte