Campus Ministry is here to help and support you.

You can reach us Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., at or (651) 962-6560. Campus chaplains can be reached after hours or on weekends by calling the non-emergency line at Public Safety at (651) 962-5100.

Our chaplains are members of the clergy and religious scholars, trained to provide spiritual care to people of all traditions, religious backgrounds, and people who don't identify with any faith. We are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish.

You can make an appointment with a particular chaplain if you want to but do know we are all here to provide support for all students. Appointments run every 30 minutes, but you do not need to stay the whole time. You can also sign up for two appointments in a row if you would like more time.

We all experience times when we need some help. Perhaps it's just a listening ear or a place to go to feel welcome and safe. We hope you'll think of Campus Ministry when you need someone. Campus Ministry offers you a place to talk one-to-one, and we can also assist you in accessing other University resources for support.

Meet with a Chaplain

If you need to meet with someone right away, please call Campus Ministry at (651) 962-6560 and we will connect you with a chaplain as soon as we can.

What to Expect

When you arrive, we will first get acquainted. The chaplain will tell you their name and how they wish to be addressed, and you can share your name and how you wish to be addressed. We are here to listen and create a safe space for you to share and get support.

Virtual Appointments

We use Microsoft Teams for virtual appointments. You will be sent a link to join your appointment in advance of your scheduled meeting time. Login to your appointment using your St. Thomas username and password.

In-Person Appointments

If your appointment is in-person, you will meet with a chaplain in Campus Ministry. We are located in the Iverson Center for Faith which is adjacent to the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas, easily accessed through Murray Herrick (we are on the same level as the Center for Student Achievement) or the Amphitheater in the north quad. You will be greeted at the welcome desk, the chaplain will be notified, and they will come out to meet you.

Need Help or Accommodations?

On the sign-up form, please let us know if we should provide closed captioning or something else during our time together so we can plan ahead.

Please email Campus Ministry at if you need help scheduling an appointment. Sometimes it may take us a little while to figure out an accommodation on our end.

Thank you for being patient with us as we make sure we can give you the best possible support.