Billing, Insurance & Fees

Undergraduate and graduate students are assessed a mandatory per-semester health fee as part of their tuition and fees. The health fee allows us to provide many of our services at no charge (free) to students. There are additional costs that will be billed to insurance as detailed below.

Health Services
All University of St. Thomas students are required to carry health insurance coverage.
Costs incurred in Health Services will be submitted to your insurance company. Any costs not covered by your insurance company will be billed to your student account for payment.

Please bring your insurance card at the time of the visit or upload your insurance information to myHealthPortal. If you do not have your insurance card available, you may still be seen at our clinic. You must provide a copy of your insurance coverage information within 48 hours, or the clinic charges will be submitted to your student account.

  • Faculty and Staff: You will be asked to present your insurance card and we will submit the claims to your insurance company. Any remaining balance will be billed to you.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Counseling services are covered under the mandatory health fee. There are fees associated with ADHD testing that will be billed in the same manner as described in Health Services; these fees will be explained to students in detail prior to testing. 

Health Promotion, Resilience and Violence Prevention
Health Promotion programs are covered under the mandatory health fee.

Claim Disputes

All claim disputes are between the insured and the insurance company. The University of St. Thomas is not responsible for unpaid claims.