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You didn’t know you were already doing it! Learn to leverage your network.

Making Connections

Create relationships with those who’ll help get you to where you want to go in your future endeavors! Expand your circles of acquaintances, find job opportunities in fields of interest and increase your awareness of news and trends in your field or the greater world through networking.

Below are some suggestions and tools to navigate in-person and virtual network connections.

Keep Reading to Learn:

  • Who might be in your personal network
  • How to grow your network with virtual networking tools

Your Personal Network

Think about who you might already know - you might not have thought to ask someone for an informational interview before, but you certainly can now.

  • Consider guardians, family members, extended family, friends, coworkers, supervisors, mentors, coaches, etc.

Hidden Network

People you're close to having a network and connections, too!

  • Hear us out: Say you want to be a nurse practitioner, but you don't know anyone in that career field. You do know that your faculty advisor mentioned their wife has worked at Hennepin Healthcare. Perhaps you could ask your advisor if they might know a nurse practitioner!

Those connections can be considered your "hidden network."

St. Thomas Connect

St. Thomas Connect is a networking platform built to connect Tommies. The alumni on this platform know that students may be seeking their help on a variety of topics.

You’d be surprised at how willing a lot of people are to help out, whether it’s giving advice, introductions and connections or teaching. All you have to do is ask, which is oftentimes the hardest part.
Josh Moe '13

St. Thomas Connect - Helpful Tips

Step One

Create a profile by importing your LinkedIn profile or by filling out the fields from scratch.

Step Two

Search through St. Thomas Connect members by major and location, as well as keywords.

Step Three

Connect with an Alumni! Personalize your message and let them know why you're connecting with them.


LinkedIn is the world's largest virtual professional network. Use LinkedIn to find jobs or internships, connect and strengthen professional relationships and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career.

LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation.
Jill Rowley

LinkedIn - Helpful Tips

Step One

Build your LinkedIn profile based on your resume, with added extras of a professional photo, summary and other sections. Elaborate and add things you may not be able to include in a one-page resume!

Step Two

Visit St. Thomas's LinkedIn Page and search through the nearly 70,000 St. Thomas alumni who are on LinkedIn to find new connections and build your network.

  • ALWAYS personalize the message you send when you click "connect". In your message, mention that you're a fellow Tommie!

Step Three

Don’t forget to connect with people you already know: coworkers and peers, professors, supervisors and family members.

Next Steps

  • Start with your personal network and identify family, friends, faculty, staff that you can start having conversations with about industry interests and career goals.
  • Jump on St. Thomas Connect and LinkedIn and begin updating your profiles to reflect your interests and experiences, then start exploring and connecting!