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Post Graduation

The path from degree to career isn’t a long, winding road…at least not for Tommies. Through a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes diverse, practical knowledge inside the classroom and impactful experiences outside of it, our students are equipped to take the next step in their careers – whatever they want them to be.

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We’re looking for Tommies. And so is everybody else.

No matter the industry. No matter the field. Organizations want to hire Tommies. That’s why we’re ranked as the best college in Minnesota for finding a job.

"If you want to make a difference, hire a Tommie."
– Richard Schulze, founder, Best Buy

Fast Facts

of Tommies are employed or in grad school within six months of graduation.
Median starting salary of 2017
St. Thomas grads
companies participate in on-campus interviews each year.
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Career Development

When it comes to your career, you’re never flying solo. We have a whole department at St. Thomas that will work with you to reach your career goals from the day you set foot on campus until long after you graduate.
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The Tommie Network

Tommies travel in packs. And with an alumni network over 105,000 strong, you have a lot of potential mentors and connections who will help open the door to internships and jobs.

“St. Thomas connected me to Travelers, which led to two internships and a full-time job after graduation. I am now recruiting Tommies for Travelers and I am proud to be a part of the St. Thomas network that helped me!”
–Katie Tubbs ‘14 , Actuarial science and economics major, Actuary, Travelers

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Research Opportunities

Go beyond the expected undergraduate curriculum by engaging in graduate-style research alongside faculty. That makes our students stand out when applying for graduate schools and competitive jobs.

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Student Katie Hasslinger smiling and talking. Student Joseph Spitzer talks with mentor. University of St. Thomas Arches in spring. Student Morgan Lyons competes in the hurdles. Student Lindsey Erdmann poses for a photo with her research poster.

“My professors and peers pushed me to approach problems creatively and to use my diverse set of experiences to inform my ideas. St. Thomas challenged me to think strategically across disciplines, which also made me a highly desirable job candidate.”

– Katie Hasslinger ’16, business major, senior consulting analyst, Accenture, Minneapolis

“The ability to get to know and develop meaningful relationships with professors played a huge factor in my growth and development academically, personally and professionally.”

– Joseph Spitzer ’15, computer science and applied mathematics major, worked as a software engineer at Veritas and is now a funded MS/PhD student in computer science at the University of Massachusetts

“I took classes from brilliant professors who challenged many of my passive views and forced me to take stands.”

– Abby Chambers ’14, English major graduate student at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York

“I will always remember how much my professors wanted each and every student to leave St. Thomas with the drive to change the world.”

– Morgan Lyons ’16, communications and journalism major project coordinator, Toast, Inc., Boston

“As a military veteran, I have always been drawn to serve my community, but St. Thomas opened my eyes to what it really means to help others and advocate for social justice. I rely on my education every day to be a successful professional and advocate for those whose voices often go unheard.”

– Lindsey Erdmann ‘17, social work major, Touchstone Mental Health, Minneapolis