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Student Debt Relief Announcement and Payment Pause

For the most accurate and up to date information regarding the Biden Administration's announcement on student debt relief and federal loans, we recommend you visit the federal student aid site (see below). For more information on loan forgiveness, debt relief and payment pause click below.

Debt Relief Announcement


We are here to help!

Our goal is to provide you with access to important information about funding and resources available.  Financial aid may be available to help assist students with their educational needs including during periods of financial hardship.  

Examples for financial hardship may include:

  • Loss of job or reduction in income
  • Unable to secure employment
  • Medical expenses

If you are experiencing financial hardships or a change in financial circumstances, we encourage you to have a conversation with either Becky Stevenson or Chad Nosbusch to discuss possible financial aid adjustments and to review your options. Please click here to schedule a phone appointment with us.