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International Internships


It’s never been easier to internationalize your resume by adding an internship to your study abroad experience!  Whether it’s a full-time summer internship, a part-time semester internship, or even a virtual internship, international work experience will boost your resume and allow you to develop valuable skills for working in an increasingly connected world. 

Read Career Development’s suggestions for making the most of international work experience and skills you’ll gain. Review our information below for next steps and internship requirements.  

Similar to our academic programs, the Office of Study Abroad works with a variety of approved programs that assist in the internship placement process. We will work with you on your initial application, and upon approval, our partner will guide you through the interview and placement process. While you must interview and be accepted by an onsite organization, placements are virtually guaranteed. Our partners will also facilitate housing, so you don’t need to worry about finding that on your own. Note that international internships are not paid.

Most of the internships are credit-bearing, so you can earn credit toward your degree while gaining professional career experience. Non-credit internships may be available. 

Summer internships are typically full-time and last for about 6 weeks or more. 

Internships during the semester are usually 20 hours per week and are completed alongside other classes. 

Our Other Approved Programs work with a wide range of businesses and non-profits to offer internships for all majors. Type of work can vary widely, however most internships are project-based. Keep in mind it may be possible to complete an internship in a non-English speaking country, even if you aren’t able to speak the primary host country language. 

Part-time semester internships are built into the cost of the overall program, with the internship acting as one of the classes that you will take during your time abroad. Financial aid can be applied to the program fee, making the entire experience comparable to being on-campus. 

Summer internship costs vary depending on program length and location. 

Review tips on How to Choose a Program, watch a First Step Session, and think about your goals for interning abroad. Search here for a list of programs with an internship option; then contact the Office of Study Abroad to schedule a meeting with a study abroad advisor.