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Congratulations! You just had the kind of experience that, nationally, only 10% of students have during their undergraduate careers. You adjusted to a new place, culture, and different styles of learning. You made some mistakes and you learned from them. You made new friends and know a bit more about the world than you did pre-departure. Now, you’re back in the U.S., maybe thinking: Now what?  

Adjusting to life back in the U.S. is not easy for everyone. You may feel like you’ve changed. It may take some time and reflection before you feel some of the impacts of your experiences abroad. You may also find yourself missing aspects of your international experience. There are many ways to keep your global momentum going. Go abroad again or have an international experience here in the Twin Cities through globally focused student groups and organizations. Here are some of our favorite options:

Here are some resources you can use to navigate your return from your study abroad program:


Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events! Typical and past events include:

Marketing your International Experience – Learn how to translate your study abroad experience to job interview material. Developed in conjunction with St Thomas Career Services, this interactive session is geared towards undergraduates who spent a semester or year abroad.

Snack ‘Sesh’ Series – informal conversation sessions for students to talk about their experiences, reverse culture shock, and working and volunteering internationally

Study Abroad - That’s right! Many students study abroad more than once. You know the drill, get in touch with our office if you’d like to study abroad again. 

Intern Abroad - Get ready for the global workplace by interning abroad. There are both part-time semester and full-time summer international internship opportunities.

VISION - J-Term and spring break volunteer service trips in the U.S. and overseas. 

Graduate School and Fellowships Abroad

Do you want to continue your education abroad? There are many overseas graduate school options, as well as a variety of research and teaching grants for recent college graduates.

Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad provides a steady job while allowing you to immerse yourself into a culture, gain new perspectives, and explore another education system. Requirements, pay, housing, and program fees vary by country, so research carefully.

Work Abroad

Working abroad allows you to be abroad for varying lengths of time while working an unskilled job. Most programs make you pay for your round-trip airfare and some charge a program fee, but you earn enough to cover your food, housing, and other costs. There are also opportunities for more long-term international employment.

Work Abroad Short-Term:

Work Abroad Long-Term:

Volunteer Abroad

International volunteer opportunities are another great way to live abroad. You will be in charge of paying for your round-trip airfare. Some programs charge a program fee and then cover most of your meals and sometimes housing. Others provide your housing for your volunteer efforts. The lengths of time abroad vary, along with the type of work you'll be doing.

Programs listed on this page are in no way affiliated with the University of St Thomas. They have been gathered here to provide a research starting point for interested students, but have not been evaluated for quality, health and safety, or value of experience.

Peer Advisors – We hire several semester/year study abroad alumni each year to help us with advising prospective study abroad students, visiting classrooms, attending info fairs, working at orientation, and generally helping out around the office. Watch your St Thomas e-mail for the application process during the summer. 

Orientation Leaders – OLs receive a stipend for working at both Saturday orientations held each year. They lead breakout sessions for students and create a digital story. Invitations to apply for an OL position are sent early during the fall semester. 

Program Alumni Ambassadors – We periodically hire alumni of St Thomas programs to speak at pre-departure meetings and attend study abroad fairs. Opportunities vary and may be paid or unpaid. If you are interested in serving as an ambassador for a St Thomas program you attended, e-mail our office at 

Share Your Experience! - We always want to hear from you. If you have a special picture, antidote, or a lesson from abroad that impacted you, send it our way: You can also submit your favorite photos to our annual Photo Contest!