SCP Arts Workshops and Discussions

SCP Arts collaborates with local artists, writers, and researchers to explore the social and ecological dimensions of human and environmental interactions.

 Discussion:  Environmental Justice and Narrative

Environmental Justice and Narrative

Explore how narrative can be a powerful lens to understand systemic injustice and reimagine an environmentally just future.  Shannon Gibney, award-winning author, educator, and activist, and Shalini Gupta, environmental policy researcher, writer, and advocate, join University of St. Thomas faculty Drs. Olga Herrera (English), Todd Lawrence (English), Ande Nesmith (Social Work), Chip Small (Environmental Science), and Maria Dahmus (Sustainable Communities Partnership) to delve into the intersection of environmental justice and narrative.

Workshop: Liberatory Futures:  Freeing the Imagination Through Writing 

How can creative writing empower us to reimagine systems of injustice and envision an environmentally just future? 

Community members and students explored this question through a University of St. Thomas Sustainable Communities Partnership Arts workshop with award-winning author and educator, Shannon Gibney, on April 29, 2021.  During this virtual creative writing workshop, Gibney guided participants through reflection and writing about the intersections of narrative, environmental justice, science fiction, and our role in shaping the future.  Read more here.

Photo by Kristine Heykants (Photo by Kristine Heykants)

 Workshop:  Visual Storytelling

Coming soon.  SCP Artist-in-Residence Jessica Turtle explores visual storytelling as a compelling way to integrate social and ecological dimensions of human and environmental interactions into courses across disciplines and into your own work to initiate dialogue.  (Artwork by Jessica Turtle)


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