Admissions Counselor Abeye Cherinet (second person on the left) helps prospective students check in during the kickoff of the Tommie Overnight event.

Costs for Future Students

For students entering or re-entering St. Thomas in Fall 2019 or later, tuition will be billed at a single rate for taking anywhere between 12-18 credits per semester. Students taking more than 18 credits will be charged a single $1,500 Registration Overage Fee with no additional per-credit charges.

2021-2022 Estimated Program Cost
Tuition: $47,274
Fees: $1,335
Room: $7,682*
Board: $4,570

Total direct costs = $60,861**
* Weighted average of first year residence hall options
** Average before financial aid

Note: International students are charged an additional $2,272/year for health insurance.

For more detailed information, please see our 2021-22 Notification of Award Guide.

Updated: 3/21