St. Thomas Study Abroad Scholarships

The Office of Study Abroad manages a portfolio of scholarships for those students participating in University-approved off-campus programs. All students are encouraged to apply, even if their approval for a program is not yet confirmed. 

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of available funds. Not all scholarships listed may be awarded each term. Applicants may receive only one award per year from those listed within this portfolio. 

Minimum requirements to receive study abroad scholarships:

  • Degree-seeking student at the University of St. Thomas
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Approval to participate in a study abroad program

If you qualify for tuition remission for your term abroad, you are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

The general scholarship application ensures that applicants are considered for every scholarship for which they are eligible. This means you complete only one application! The application is term-specific, so be sure to complete an application for every term you study abroad. If you have any difficulty accessing the scholarship application, reach out to to request access.

Tips for completing the general scholarship application:

  • Read through the list of St. Thomas Study Abroad Scholarships, and review all eligibility requirements. The awarding criteria are different for every scholarship, depending on your major or minor, year of study, or GPA.
  • Begin a scholarship application, and review the essay questions. This will allow you to see the entire application and get an idea for what information you will need in order to complete it. You can save your application and log back in to edit it at any time before the deadline. Only when you hit 'Submit' instead of 'Save' will the application be completed.
  • Take time to write essays that show the scholarship committee who you are and where your passions lie. The amount of time you spend on the application will show. If applicable, address particular scholarships for which you would like to be considered.
  • Avoid using cliches in your writing. Some cliches are true, for example it is true that you will get outside your comfort zone when you study abroad and that you will experience other cultures. However, these cliches speak more to the experience of study abroad in general. If you want to showcase who you are and make yourself stand out, eliminate general statements as much as possible and instead share details specific to you.


Scholarship applications open 4 weeks prior to deadline.
Friday after Labor Day for Incoming First-Year Student Scholarship and DFC Alumni Scholarship (J-Term ONLY) 
October 1 for Spring Programs
March 15 for Summer, Fall, & Year Programs
April 10 for J-Term

Scholarship Application

Use this application to apply for all St. Thomas study abroad scholarships.

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St. Thomas Study Abroad Scholarships

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Study Abroad Planning Scholarship

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