Why Study Abroad?

The Tommie Experience Abroad 

On average, approximately 1,000 Tommies study abroad each year. Usually more than 55% of St. Thomas undergraduates study abroad at least once prior to graduation. To give you a little context, this number is 10% nationally. Whether you participate in one of our many J-Term programs, spend a semester with St. Thomas faculty in London or Rome, or study on one of our 300 Other Approved Programs, studying abroad is a big part of college for many Tommies. In fact, in the Alumni Attitude Study, study abroad was the cited by alumni as their most impactful experience while at St. Thomas. 

Intercultural Learning and Competencies 

The world we live in and the workforce you will enter after your time at St. Thomas are increasingly interconnected and interdependent across national and cultural boundaries. Understanding and integrating global knowledge and intercultural competencies will be crucial for you as you live, work, and serve in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Study abroad helps to develop the types of intercultural skills and competencies that are necessary in our increasingly globalized world. Studying in a new place and culture will challenge you to re-examine your own culture within a global context and push you to incorporate new perspectives into your day-to-day life. 

Increased Employment 

According to recent Career Development Center’s First Destinations surveystudents who studied abroad reported full-time employment at rates that were 20% higher than the overall St. Thomas population.