Identifying Alternative Means of Expression

February 1, 2018 / By: Michael Wilder and Eric Larson

Liz Wilkinson, Associate Professor of English, identified a desire to transform a sports and literature assignment in her English 202 course. She came to STELAR to consult on ways to turn up the creativity for a historically paper-driven assignment.

After discussing the assignment details and desired outcomes, STELAR proposed utilizing Microsoft Sway.  Liz brought two class sessions to the STELAR classroom where Eric Larson and Michael Wilder guided the students through the use of Microsoft Sway.

This project demonstrates the types of instructional innovation, in this case the ability to brainstorm alternative means of expression and to see student creativity come alive in a new way, possible when faculty partner with STELAR.

Example Sway Projects from Liz's class:

Thank you to Liz, Genda and Emilia for sharing their stories.