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Why Study Sociology and Criminal Justice?

Sociology and Criminal Justice are 21st century majors that teach students the skills they need to innovate, communicate, and problem solve in this increasingly globalized and multi-cultural world. If you are interested in understanding and investigating the role society and social institutions play in influencing human behavior or how we must go beyond individual solutions to tackle social problems, then sociology might be for you!

Both sociology and criminal justice majors prepare students to enter a wide variety of careers and graduate programs. Social science knowledge prepares graduates to serve the common good in both careers and vocations. Employers want employees who have intercultural competence, can work comfortably with team members from diverse backgrounds, and can apply knowledge in real world settings. Coursework in sociology develops this along with intellectual skills such as quantitative and analytic reasoning and communication skills.

We offer a large variety of classes but are small enough to give students individual attention both inside and outside the classroom. We want students to be engaged in the world around them and we support this goal through multiple opportunities including service learning, study abroad, and student faculty research collaboration.

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