Support the Center

You are invited to enrich the lives of persons age forty and over by investing in the future of the Center through your financial contributions.

The Selim Center encourages learners of all ages to grow in mind, body, and spirit. In the next few years, the age 65+ population in Minnesota will explode, increasing by nearly 40%.  The dramatically increasing number of aging persons seeking to remain healthy, active and engaged in social communities has placed new and greater demands on the limited resources of the Center.

To remain active and healthy and to continue to contribute to society, a person must learn for their entire lifetime.  Regular intellectual stimulation has been shown to have many positive benefits as we age.  The Selim Center provides hundreds of hours of learning opportunities for older adults each year.

Please support the Center in the one or more of the following ways:

Financial Support Non-Financial Support
  • a tax-deductible cash contribution
  • Help us spread "the word" about the wonderful educational programs offered by the Center and become a volunteer Selim Center Ambassador
  • include the Center in your estate planning
  • Personally invite others to participate in Center programming, helping the Center grow its student population without incurring advertising costs
  • make a gift of an appreciated asset such as stocks, bonds, real estate
  • Sign up to receive electronic Center program materials instead of paper mailings

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Center now, please complete this form and mail it with your donation: Selim Center Giving Form

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