Wefulness: The Science of Mindful Relationships

Lecture Series Description: Did you know that the most powerful predictor of our long-term health is the quality of our relationships? In this series, Dr. Nuru presents her groundbreaking research on the science of mindful relationships - or as she calls it: Wefulness. Drawing on riveting new data, Dr. Nuru explores relational struggles and strength during times of challenge. In doing so, Dr. Nuru invites new conceptualizations of relating in the 21st century.

Lecture Series Information: Wednesdays, 10:00-11:45 a.m., starting February 8, 2023, Online live session via Zoom.   

Lecture Series Educator: Audra Nuru, Ph.D., is the Endowed Chair of Social Sciences, the Director of Family Studies, and as Associate Professor jointly appointed in the Departments of Communication Studies and Family Studies at the University of St. Thomas (MN). She is a proven, leading researcher in the areas of interpersonal, family, and intercultural communication with publications in some of the field's top peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Nuru's research is rooted in the fundamental phiilosophy that the quality of our communication directly impacts our quality of life. Through her work, she analyzes moments of struggle during times of transition or challenge to offer productive strategies of communication.

Fee for the series: $50.00 per person (this is a three-week series)

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Detailed Lecture Series Syllabus:

Feb. 8

Wefulness Part 1: What is Wefulness? Relationships + Mindfulness

Feb. 15

Wefulness Part 2: Relational Agency = Choice!

Feb. 22

Wefulness Part 3: Constructive Contestation as the productive work of struggle and change