Registration Terminology

Registration Helpline

If you need help using Murphy web registration, please call Academic Counseling & Support at (651) 962-6300.

Registration Systems

Instructions for using Murphy online are available by clicking here.

Registration Order

The registration order is based on the number of credits a student has earned (i.e., courses in which a grade has been assigned) such that students who have earned the greatest number of credits register before those who have earned fewer credits.* Once determined, the initial registration date and time is sent to the student via e-mail by the University Registrar's Office. Students may register for courses on or after the assigned time but must meet with their advisors prior to registration to have the advisor hold removed. It is recommended that a student meet with his or her advisor at least two weeks prior to the start of registration.

*Note: A student's assigned registration order could be delayed for the following reason:

  • a student has 60 or more earned credits but has not officially declared a major.

Registration Entry Notice

This notice is sent to a student's e-mail account approximately 4-weeks before early registration begins. This email contains your initial registration date and time. Students may register on or after their assigned date and time during the registration period. Please do not attempt to register before your assigned time.

Course Reference Number

The CRN is a five-digit number assigned to each course section in the course schedule. This number, can be found online here (ClassFinder) and in the online printable schedules.

ACTC Courses

Students who wish to cross-register through the ACTC program must register at the University of St. Thomas Office of the University Registrar during the initial registration period, on or after their initial registration date and time. After the initial registration period, student must wait until the first day of class to obtain the signature of the instructor on a cross-registration form if they wish to take a course at any one of these institutions. There is no ACTC cross-registration for summer classes or for January Term courses at Augsburg, Macalester College and the College of St. Catherine. Course information for the ACTC schools is available here.

Honors Sections

Courses with a section number in the 40's and labs with a section number in the 70's are reserved for students who are Aquinas Scholars. These honors sections are open to students who are not Aquinas Scholars on a space-available basis and with the permission of the Aquinas Scholars director.

Courses Requiring Special Permission

Students registering for courses requiring special permission should go in person to the Registrar's Office, Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC 126). These courses include: individual study, experiential learning, and courses requiring permission of the instructor or department chair.

Audit Option

Students who wish to audit a course must complete the Audit Registration form, to include signed permission from the Instructor.  Bring completed audit forms to the University Registrar's Office.  The last day for indicating the audit option is the last day to add a course for any given semester. The tuition charged for an audited courses is equivalent to one credit of tuition.

S/D/R Grading Option

Students who wish to take a course under the S/D/R option must go the University Registrar's Office after registering for the course by the fifth week of the semester. Courses taken under this option will not satisfy core curriculum requirements and no more than 1/8 of the courses taken in a degree program may be so taken.

Repeat Option

Only those UST courses for which a student has previously received a grade of D+, D, D-, F, W, or R may be repeated for a grade.


Course prerequisites must be satisfied before you will be able to register for a course. Courses with prerequisites are explained in detail in the undergraduate catalog. Contact the department offering the course if you have any questions about prerequisites.

Course Load

For fall and spring terms, the normal undergraduate course load is 16 credits. First-semester freshmen are limited to 17 credits maximum; other students in good standing are limited to 21 credits. During the January term, 4 credits is the maximum. The maximum for any summer session is 8 credits.

Wait Listing Courses

Wait lists are activated only after a course has reached its maximum enrollment. You may place yourself on a wait list for a course using the online registration system. The signature of the instructor is required after the semester begins to enroll in the course for which you are wait listed.

Class Schedule Changes

Once a student is registered for classes, she/he is officially enrolled and committed to attending the class. Students are responsible for officially dropping a class they no longer desire to attend. Note that the University's first day attendance policy permits a faculty member to drop a student from her/his class for failure to attend on the first day. This is at the discretion of the instructor. Students should not assume they will be dropped for non-attendance.

Withdrawal from School/Interruption Notice

If a student decides not to register for classes for one semester, they must contact the University Registrar's Office.