Official Transcript Order Form

When employers, higher education institutions or other organizations or agencies ask for a transcript of a student's higher education work, they are usually referring to transcripts which are transmitted directly to them by the sending institution and which bear some secure means of identifying them as unaltered, accurate records. These are often referred to as "official transcripts." St. Thomas official transcripts are printed on security paper and bear the university seal and the signature of the university registrar. These transcripts may be mailed directly from the St. Thomas Registrar's Office, or picked up by the student. When official transcripts are provided directly to the student, they are sealed in a university envelope and the transcript is stamped "Issued directly to the student" in a sealed university envelope.

Effective July 1, 2013 - FREE transcript processing on all requests.

Transcripts from the University of St. Thomas may be requested or released.  Transcripts and documents that have been issued by other institutions become the property of the University of St. Thomas.  Federal policy permits a student the right to view the documents in his or her academic records. However, the University does not provide (or allow the making of) copies of these documents. Transcripts issued to the University of St. Thomas for admission or credit transfer become the property of the University of St. Thomas and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions.

Please note: The Registrar's Office does not hold transcript requests for future activity (such as the posting of grades or awarding of degrees). Please submit your transcript request after your grades are posted or degree has been awarded.

Please click here to open and print the transcript order form.