Student Advisory Committee

The University of St. Thomas will soon begin the process of seeking a new, permanent president.

To ensure that students' perspectives are front and center throughout the process of searching for the next president, five students - three undergraduate and two graduate - have been selected to serve on a Student Advisory Committee.

The tasks of this committee include:

  • Provide guidance to the Presidential Search Committee from students’ perspectives, about the attributes that are needed in the next president of St. Thomas.
  • Seek feedback from other students, through conversations, surveys, listening sessions, etc., that can be distilled and shared with the Search Committee.
  • Participate in a meeting with the Search Committee to relay feedback from other students.


Angelica Fanaschouk, Senior - Double Major: Ethics and Business Law; Minor: Management

Dylan Monahan, Senior - Double Major: Political Science and Communication Studies; Minor: Sustainability

Cesar Osvaldo Mendéz Portillo, Junior - Major: Business Admin - Marketing


Himanshu Gamit - Graduate Program in Software - Software Management

Maria Helena Buitrago Cohoon - Doctorate in Counseling Psychology