A student walks along a path in front of colorful trees and the Anderson Student Center.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Name is a required field.
St. Thomas ID must be a valid number
St. Thomas ID is a required field.

Please provide your statement of appeal below. For your appeal to be considered complete, you must include the following information in your statement.

  1. A description of the extenuating circumstance(s) that hindered your academic progress
  2. A specific and detailed explanation of what has changed that will allow you to meet satisfactory progress requirements in the future.
  3. For appeals that include a medical diagnosis and treatment, you must provide documentation to the financial aid office of that diagnosis and treatment.
  4. For appeals that involve not completing your degree within the Maximum Allowable Timeframe, you must complete the Graduation Plan Form and submit that information to the financial aid office.
Statement of appeal is a required field.

Before submitting your appeal please read and check the following:

I certify that I am the student named above. is a required field.
I certify that the information provided in the statement above is a true and accurate description of my extenuating circumstances. is a required field.
I understand that if my extenuating circumstances is a required field.
I understand that if my unsatisfactory status includes not completing my degree within the Maximum Allowable Timeframe that I must submit a Graduation Plan Form for my appeal to be complete. is a required field.
I understand that the financial aid office may contact me by email for additional information or to clarify any of the statements made above. is a required field.