Project Mindfulness & Contemplation Logo Fall 2015

Core Values: 
Community, Healing, Reflection, Curiosity, Creativity, Balance, Patience, & Spiritual Growth


Strategic Initiatives:
To create a safe space for supporting and educating the St. Thomas community in meditative and contemplative practices by:

  1. Offering free, weekly mindfulness and movement meditation sessions open to students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Facilitating others in expanding their personal practice through a variety of resources, including: coaching, information sessions, and meditation media library.
  3. Coordinating meditation retreats.
  4. Serving as a resource for integrating contemplative practices into research and pedagogy.
  5. Serving as a community of practice, celebrating the growth and possibilities that have been actualized by UST members through mindfulness and contemplative practices.
  6. Maintaining close relationships with local initiatives that aim to awaken the mind, heart, and body to the present moment.
  7. Developing a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic curriculum related to contemplative studies.