SCP Projects

GIS students create park maps in Elk River, MN

Economics students analyze energy efficiency upgrades in Delano, MN

Environmental Science students conduct a habitat assessment with the MWMO

COJO students collaborate with Metro Transit to promote transit routes to college students

The Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) collaborates with partners to integrate community-identified sustainability projects into St. Thomas courses across disciplines. SCP partnerships are multi-year, engaging courses across disciplines in applied research and collaborative problem-solving to advance community sustainability goals.  Sustainability encompasses social, ecological, and economic dimensions of interconnected human and environmental well-being.

SCP Arts projects integrate an arts-based dimension into applied learning to enrich analysis and communication of findings.  Through artist-led workshops in class, SCP Artists-in-Residence and students collaborate to translate students' SCP project findings into original artwork. SCP and partners share the resulting artwork in their communities and beyond, bringing to life SCP partners' sustainability goals for people of all ages.

Completed SCP Projects

Take a look at completed SCP projects with St. Thomas courses and SCP partners.  SCP has collaborated with partners and faculty to integrate over 100 projects into St. Thomas courses across 25 disciplines since Spring 2016.

SCP Arts Installations and Exhibits

Explore SCP Arts Installations, Exhibits, and interactive materials that bring to life SCP project findings for people of all ages.


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