Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

The Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance prepares students for a career as a professional soloist, ensemble musician or studio teacher. Music performance majors must exhibit exceptional potential on their applied instrument. In addition to technical competence, students graduate with the breadth of musical skills, concepts and artistry essential to pursue a professional career in music. The Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance is also the best preparation for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in performance.


  • Perform with major orchestras and opera companies across the United States.
  • Perform with professional jazz and rock bands.
  • Pursue graduate studies at top graduate schools in the United States.

B.M. Music Performance Degree Planning Guide

  • MUSC 001 Student Convocation Hour (0 cr., 6 sem.)
  • MUSC 101/102 Piano Skills I-II (1 cr. ea.)
  • MUSC 113/114 Music Theory and Aural Skills I-II (4 cr. ea.)
  • MUSC 117 Music History Survey (2 cr.)
  • MUSC 133 Music of the United States (2 cr.)
  • MUSC 140 Music Media (2 cr.)
  • MUSC 201/202 Piano Skills III-IV (1 cr. ea.)

Students for whom piano or organ is the primary instrument will take the following courses in lieu of MUSC 101, 102, 201, and 202:

    • MUSC 192 Technical Skills for Keyboard Majors (1 cr.)
    • MUSC 292 Functional Skills for Keyboard Majors I (1 cr.)
    • MUSC 293 Functional Skills for Keyboard Majors II (1 cr.)
    • MUSC xxx Piano Elective (1 cr.) to be chosen from the following: MUSP 121, 131 (organ majors only), 135 (piano majors only), 153, MUSN 171, 172, 182, or MUSW 501. 

  • MUSC 213/214 Music Theory and Aural Skills III-IV (4 cr. ea.)
  • MUSC 231 Introduction to Conducting I (1 cr.)
  • MUSC 233 Music of the World (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 263 Entrepreneurial Careers in Music & Professional Practice (1 cr.)
  • MUSC 340 Theory Elective (2 sem., 2 cr. per sem.)
  • MUSC 412 History and Literature of Music (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 420 Senior Research Paper (2 cr.)
  • MUSN 1xx Ensemble Participation (8 sem., 0 cr. ea.)

Guidelines for choosing an ensemble:

The St. Thomas Department of Music offers a large variety of performing ensembles. Major ensembles are chosen in consultation with a student's advisor. For more information see Guidelines for Choosing an Ensemble in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Large Instrumental Ensembles

Guitar Ensemble
String Orchestra
Symphonic Band
Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Large Vocal Ensembles

Chamber Singers
Concert Choir
Donne Unite
Liturgical Choir

Medium Ensembles

African Music Ensemble
Brass Choir
Chamber Winds
Indonesian Gamelan
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Singers
Schola Cantorum

Small Ensembles

A variety of small ensembles are offered for various instruments (e.g. guitar, piano, strings, winds, etc.)

  • MUSP 3xx Performance studies in the same performance medium (8 sem., 2 cr. ea.)
  • MUSR 114 Aural-Skills Proficiency (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 200 Piano Proficiency (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 214 Aural-Skills Proficiency (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 270 Level I Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 350 Level II Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 450 Level III Recital (0 cr.)


  • EDUC 308/309 Pedagogy and Literature for Music Performers I-II (2 cr. ea.)

Allied Requirements:

  • PHYS 105 Musical Acoustics (4 cr.)