Minor in Music

The music minor is the perfect place for you to explore your interests in music and advance your skills and knowledge during your time at St. Thomas. You’ll have the chance to study and learn about music from some of the country’s best educators in the heart of one of the most musically rich cities in the world! Music minors participate in a variety of music classes and ensembles. The broadest of our minor offerings, the minor in music is a great way to stay involved in music while pursuing a different major.

  • MUSC 113/114 Music Theory and Aural Skills I-II (4 cr. ea.)
  • MUSC 115 Understanding Music and Culture ( 4 cr.)
  • MUSN 1xx Ensemble for principal instrument (4 sem., 1 cr. ea.)
  • MUSP 1xx Performance Studies in same performance medium (50 min. lessons) (4 sem., 1 cr. ea.)
  • MUSR 270 Level I Recital (0 cr.)

Plus four credits from the following:

  • MUSC 216 Jazz in America (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 233 Music of the World (4 cr.) 

Plus two credit hours selected from the following:

  • MUSN 1xx Up to 2 semesters of appropriate ensemble for principle instrument (1 cr. per sem.)
  • MUSP 1xx Up to 2 semesters of performance studies in any performance medium (1 cr. per sem.)
  • MUSP 1xx Up to 2 credits on any secondary instrument or voice (1 cr. per sem.)
  • MUSP 108 Class Voice (1 cr.)

Or any additional MUSC course not previously taken