2020-2021 tuition rates are as follows

Rates are in effect from June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021.

Degree-seeking students: $625 per credit.
Nondegree-seeking students: $625 per credit.

Twelve 50-minute individual lessons: $1,756.00.
Twelve 30-minute individual lessons: $   871.00.

Two or three credit courses may be audited. Auditors pay tuition rates based on a percentage formula. A grade of audit is reflected on the auditor’s transcript. See the Business Office website for more information on rates. If you wish to audit a class you must complete a GPME Registration Form (be sure to mark the Audit box) and submit it to the Graduate Programs in Music Education office as indicated on the form.

Audit - Tuition Reduction

Graduate Music students who choose to audit a course will receive a tuition reduction as follows:

Three Credit Course

67% refund (or 33% charge)

Two Credit Course

50% refund (or 50% charge)

Course Fees

Some courses carry an additional course fee. These fees are indicated within the course description of those courses. Course Offerings.

Technology Fees

2019-2020 Summer, Fall, and Spring Terms (June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021) fees

Students registered for 6 or more credits          $116.50
Students registered for less than 6 credits        $ 58.25

Cancellation Fee

A $50 cancellation fee will be assessed for each course registration that is cancelled before the start of the course. Cancellation requests must be made in writing to the GPME program coordinator. The university reserves the right to cancel a course if registration has not reached sufficient enrollment 10 class days before the first class session. In such cases, students are notified immediately and full tuition is refunded.

Student Health Fee

All students are assessed a health fee each semester to support the public health of the St. Thomas community. The fee makes counseling and health services accessible to students as well as providing preventative health, well-being and resiliency education. If students do not wish to utilize Counseling and Psychological Services or Health Services for their personal care they are still reaping the benefits of having health educators and health care professionals on campus, ensuring St. Thomas is a healthy place for them to attend classes. The student health fee also assists in the sustainability of the health services and counseling and psychological services by funding medical technology, select medical supplies, as well as salaries of health educators, health care providers, counselors and support staff.

Students registered for 6 or more credits     $36.00.
Students registerd for less than 6 credits     $18.00.

Other Fees

For any other fees that may apply please review the applicable academic year rate list on the Business Office website.

Registration Information

Early registration is recommended to ensure students are able to get into their desired classes.

Registration for Summer courses begins February 1.

Registrations will be accepted until courses have met maximum enrollment.

Students who officially register for a course are considered in the course and owe full tuition unless they drop (cancel) or withdraw according to the deadlines established. To drop or add courses, students must send written notification to the GPME office. Nonattendance in a class does not constitute withdrawal.

The following applies to courses one week or longer in duration:

  • First class session: 100 percent ($50 cancellation fee applies)

  • Second class session: 66 percent

  • Third class session: 33 percent

  • After third class session: 0

Refund for a withdrawal from a class shorter than a week is at the discretion of the program director.