Where Artistry Meets Pedagogy: Composing for the Child Voice

May 1, 2019 / By: Andrew M. Elbin

This paper explores research and practitioner articles concerning vocal pedagogy for the child voice, and uses the collected conclusions to inform an educator’s original compositions. A review of relevant focuses on six criteria: singability, form, part writing, pedagogical implications, accompaniment, and text. Insights into the author’s compositional process are explored, and analyses of the compositions are presented. Full scores and recordings are made available in the appendix. The following observations are made upon completion and analysis of the compositions: 1) The pedagogical research and recommendations were applicable for much of the writing process and directly impacted partwriting techniques; and, 2) The text generally influenced a composition more than the pedagogical research and recommendations. As a conclusion, the author noted it is important to remember the following when considering the child voice: 1) Write thoughtfully based on the “rules” of the child’s voice, and 2) Consider the people who will be singing the music you selected or created.