Music for Children of Military Families: Reducing Anxiety and Increasing Understanding

April 23, 2019 / By: Suzanne Hartwick

This curriculum project will focus on the effects of military service on the children of deployed service members and their ability to cope with the separation. The intention is to show that music can help children learn about the places their parents are deployed to through singing, singing games, and guided questioning. In addition, the curriculum is intended to aid in children’s ability to cope with the separations through a better understanding of where and why their parent is serving, in hopes of reducing fear and anxiety in the children of military service members. This curriculum project will also explore how music can promote peace and bring acceptance through better understanding of culture, and how music can be transformative in cultural learning, acceptance, and personal realization of self-acceptance through song and music making. Finally, it will show how music classes and teacher lesson planning could meet the goals of promoting peace and acceptance of other cultures in children, specifically the children of military service members, through singing games and musical activities related to the cultures where the U.S. deploys troops.