The Music Education Contributions of Isaac Esko to the Public Schools of Esko, Minnesota

July 13, 2011 / By: Elizabeth A. Anderson

The intent of this study was to determine the impact that Isaac Esko had on music education within the public schools of Esko, Minnesota. Sub-problems included how the school system was first developed, the role that Isaac Esko played in establishing music education traditions, and how music education has continued to develop to the present day.

This research was conducted through a series of interviews with Isaac Esko’s family, Esko Community members, former students, and past and current Esko music teachers as well as by examining historical documents found at the Esko Historical Museum and the Carlton County Historical Society.

The result of this research confirms that there is a rich musical heritage in the Esko Public Schools that continues to enrich the lives of the students and the community.  The researcher hopes that by documenting the long standing tradition it will help continue a positive course in music education into the future.