The Integration of Music & Language Arts in 2nd Grade: Lesson Plans Addressing Music & Language Arts

June 1, 2013 / By: Amanda George

The purpose of this project was to integrate Minnesota Language Arts Standards and Minnesota Music Standards into lesson plans suitable for a second grade general music classroom. In addition, it was the intention to discover research-based literacy connection between music and language learning and identify similar practices to inform language arts and music teachers of cross-curricular instructional practices. Developing literacy is a complex task that requires occasions to build vocabulary, to develop the ability to read and write, and opportunities to demonstrate comprehension by creating something new. It also requires exposure to reading tasks in a variety of setting and activities that allow students to interact with concepts in new learning environments to develp comprehension. These language skills are supported in the music classroom and the lesson plans designed and shared promote the notion that music can reinforce language skills without sacrificing music learning. While the ultimate goal of the music classroom should be to create musically literate students who can read, write, compose and appreciate the music of different cultures, it is indeed possible to promote language literacy in the music classroom. It is hoped that these lessons provide a model for music educators to consider as they work to implement language literacy goals in their classrooms.