The Hybrid Classroom: Project-Based Learning & Technology Integration in Performance-Based Program

May 17, 2016 / By: Krista M. Reeder

The music classroom is a natural place to explore creativity, construct new meaning, collaborate with varied levels of expertise, and transfer skills to other avenues of life. It is the challenge of the twenty-first century educator to find ways to integrate new technologies and techniques to meet the changing and diverse learners encountered daily. As the music industry also traverses a new millennium, it becomes essential to allow students to explore non-traditional musical experiences. This curriculum project examines how the author transforms a traditional performance-based program into a hybrid program where students are engaged in creating, performing, responding, and connecting to musical experiences. Current research in project-based learning models and technology-based music instruction provide the foundation for a four-year cycle of specialized project-based learning aligned to the Minnesota Standards for Arts Education.