The Effect of Teacher Approval on the Extensiveness and Creativity of the Group Improvisations of...

November 14, 2014 / By: Louise Buckley

This project explored the relationship between teacher approval and the extensiveness and creativity of the group improvisations of fifth-grade students. To begin, a review of the relevant literature on the topic of improvisation is included. The topic of teacher approval is also discussed, but there are no existing studies linking these two variables. The hypothesis of the study is that a lack of teacher approval will increase the extensiveness (duration and number of ideas) and creativity of the group improvisations. Two classes of students from Park Hill Elementary School in Denver, Colorado were the participants, and the study was executed on an informal basis by the author. Class A was given no teacher approval, while Class B received two praise remarks during each workday spent on the project.

The results indicate that the hypothesis was incorrect; the reverse of the hypothesis was shown to be true in the data. The author determined that duration was an irrelevant measure of performance quality. Extensiveness and creativity were somewhat higher in the teacher approval setting. The author attributes this result to the value students place on teacher feedback and the encouragement and direction this feedback provides.