The Business of Teaching Music: How a Franchise Business Model Could Benefit the Field of Piano Ped

November 14, 2012 / By: Mellisa Weinert

Private music lessons, particularly those taught in independent or home studios, often lack regulation and accountability. Many teachers lack adequate business training or the opportunity to develop private studio businesses. Undergraduate music degree programs offer aspiring teachers very little preparation in starting and operating private studio businesses. A business model would benefit teachers who wish to own a private studio without the liabilities associated with many small businesses. A private studio franchise would accomplish this goal while making quality private music lessons accessible to many more students than with a sole proprietorship. Creating this business model would offer an element of regulation and professionalism to the field of private music education.

This paper explores how a private studio franchise would benefit the field of piano pedagogy. It discusses the need for business practices to be taught in undergraduate music programs, describes the benefits of franchising, explores current successful music businesses, and provides a detailed private studio franchise business model.