Spanish Language Music Curriculum for use in Bilingual Kodály Classrooms in the U.S.

May 2, 2017 / By: Alicia Brown

Requiring skills in pedagogy and ethnomusicology, Kodály-inspired teaching requires music educators to select and utilize folksong repertoire representative of the students they teach. Currently there are few resources for teaching music to bilingual students who are native Spanish speakers. Music educators that teach Spanish speaking students must understand the process of linguistic development, select appropriate song repertoire, create developmentally appropriate activities and assessments, and sequence these activities to form a curriculum. This curriculum project contains an analysis of over 150 Spanish-language folksongs for use in the kindergarten to fifth grade general music classroom. Utilizing patterns found in this folk music, a suggested sequence of music concepts is proposed. Sample lesson plans based on the proposed sequence are provided. Lessons are aligned to NCCAS Music Standards and include literacy activities, movement exploration, arrangements for classroom instruments, connections to literature, assessments for use in the elementary general music classroom, and connections to English-language repertoire.