Song Presentation Plans for Selected Irish Treble Choral Compositions

November 14, 2011 / By: Anne Fidelma Barry

The intent of this project was to examine five treble choral pieces by Irish composers, and to prepare presentation plans for their use in a classroom or rehearsal. The main objective was to introduce young singers to the music of contemporary Irish composers, and to assist teachers and conductors in teaching this repertoire. Another hope was to give exposure to the music of Irish composers, and to introduce these pieces in a way that allows for greater insight and cultural understanding.

The five pieces used in this project were: Remember and Diddledy Dumpty by Marian Ingoldsby, Criost Liom by Bernard Sexton, Eastern Lullaby by Greg Scanlon, and Èirim Suas le Dia by Ben Hanlon. Each piece reflects a different mood and skill set. Some pieces are in English while some are in the native Irish language.

The project investigated how these pieces can be analysed and prepared, to encourage a creative approach to teaching. Secondly, it looks at the potential skills and concepts that students can learn through a variety of teaching approaches, and thirdly, it presents the opportunity to look at the music of another culture.