Song Presentation Plans for Selected Canadian Treble Choral Compositions

April 15, 2011 / By: Laurel Dawn Oger

The intent of this thesis was to prepare song presentation plans for five treble choral pieces written by Canadian composers and arrangers for use by teacher-conductors in their classrooms with the goal of helping them expand their young singers’ exposure to Canadian choral music and culture. Additionally, the author hopes that composers of Canadian choral music may gain wider exposure of their work, and teacher-conductors and their singers may gain heightened understandings of these pieces within the cultural context of each work.

The research questions in this study addressed 1) how each piece can be analysed in a manner that will lead to creative teaching and learning; 2) what musical skills can be taught with each piece that will provide choristers with a multi-faceted music education; and 3) the importance of cultural understandings when teaching choir music outside the choir’s own culture.

The five pieces for use in this study were: By the Sea, by Juliet Hess; A Great Big Sea, a traditional Newfoundland song arranged by Lori-Anne Dolloff; Three Haiku, by Ramona Luengen; Cantate Domino, by Rupert Lang; and Le train d’hiver, by Marie-Claire Saindon.  Each piece was analysed for its pedagogical content and song presentation plans were created for each piece