Research-Based Activities for Teaching

May 1, 2016 / By: Ann Marie Lubovich

The purpose of this paper was to support the instruction of teaching kindergarten students to sing in tune. After establishing the importance of this topic, the related literature was reviewed, showing evidence that kindergarten children do possess this ability. Activities and exercises based on this research were then described, providing models to music teachers in developing these types of activities for teaching in-tune singing to the youngest students. A theoretical sequence was also provided, demonstrating how these types of activities could be included in the kindergarten music classroom.

In-tune singing should be taught in kindergarten, as that is the optimal age for the teaching and learning of this skill. Specific activities for vocal exploration, pitch discrimination, use of vocal registers, pitch matching, and group and individual singing can help kindergarten children learn to sing in tune. These types of activities can and should be included in kindergarten music instruction, laying the foundation for continued development of accurate singing throughout the primary and intermediate grades, and well into adulthood. It is hoped that this document has provided the necessary information and resources to other music educators to support the teaching of this vital skill to the youngest students.